• School social workers serve as a liaison between the school district, the home, and the community.  School social workers promote the school-child-parent relationship, which is most essential in reaching educational goals.  Social workers enhance students’ learning and educational opportunities and facilitate parental involvement through cooperation with all district personnel, parents, and community agencies in identifying students with needs which detract in any way from the overall learning process; meet these needs by fully utilizing all available school and community programs in an effort to provide student, family, and teacher support and increase parental involvement.



    • Conduct parent meetings (on-site at local housing authority and apartment complexes, as well as the Parent Center).
    • Perform home visits, make phone calls, send notes home, contacts with students, etc. in effort to address students’ identified needs throughout the school year.
    • Receive, address and facilitate referrals for students and families from district personnel, parents, and community agencies.
    • Seek solutions to students’ and families’ problems in effort to improve his/her academic performance, behavior, and attendance.
    • Provide and promote services and/or referrals to school programs and resources, such as the Parent Center, in effort to engage families in student learning.
    • Communicate with parents regarding student progress on a regular basis.
    • Address families’ home environment and other related situations that often impede students’ performance and attitudes towards school.
    • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff regarding such issues as student attitude, progress, and attendance.
    • Provide follow-up services and consultations with students, parents, teachers, etc. in order to seek approaches for students who are identified as having behaviors which present challenges to learning effectively.
    • Assist in the educational planning for students with identified needs, including a specific plan for students who are identified as “at-risk”.
    • Complete social development case studies and the implementation of appropriate programs, groups, and initiatives to target “at-risk” populations.
    • Effectively use community programs and agencies that can be drawn upon to assist students and families with enhancing educational opportunities.
    • Serve as a liaison between school administrators, the Mississippi Department of Human Services, and Youth Court in regard to all cases of suspected child abuse/neglect as required by law.
    • Assist in providing a safe learning environment for all students.
    • Attend conferences and seminars regarding current issues and challenges presented to students and families in order to maintain professional development.


    The Meridian Public School District Currently Employs 3 Social Workers:

    Andrea Germany 

    • Oakland Heights Elementary
    • Crestwood Elementary
    • Harris Elementary (Pk - 5)

     Table at Care Lodge Community Response Training

    Deanna Odom 

    • Parkview Elementary/Magnolia Middle
    • Westhills Elementary/Northwest Middle
    • Poplar Springs Elementary