Routine Procedures

  • Check-In/Out 

    • Each school will set up a procedure for students to check-in and out.

    Visitors to Campus

    • Anyone entering the building must call the front office before entering.

    • Temperature screening will be conducted on all visitors, including parents.

    • Each visitor will also be required to wear a mask.

    • Parents will need to call the office before checking their child in or out of school.

    •  If the parent must enter the building, they must have their temperature taken and be wearing a mask. 

    Hallway Procedures 

    • School personnel will be in the hallway during class change to monitor transition procedures and encourage social distancing. 


    • Employees will follow cafeteria guidelines during breakfast and lunch. 

    • Breakfast/Lunch protocols may differ from school to school-based upon school population and cafeteria size. 

    Water Bottles (No Glass Bottles Allowed) 

    • Employees/students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to use during the day. 

    • Elementary teachers will assist students with refilling water bottles as needed. 


    • Computer labs and classroom computers will be sanitized frequently. 

    • Employees should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before using community devices or machines. 


    • After outside activity, hand sanitizer will be available.

    Attendance Policy

    Traditional Schedule 

    • Current traditional attendance policies will be in place. 

    • Any student who is required to be isolated at home will be given an opportunity to participate through distance learning during the isolation period. 

    Attendance Policy 

    Virtual Schedule (only students who meet criteria) 

    • Students who are allowed to participate in virtual learning will follow their established school schedule. *Updated 9/7/21

    • Procedures will be in place to check virtual attendance. 


    • When possible, windows will be open on buses to create an environment with as much ventilation as possible. 

    • Students will be separated on the bus where feasible. Siblings or children living in the same household will be seated together if possible. 

    • Buses will be sanitized at the conclusion of each route.

    • Parents are encouraged to bring children to school and pick them up if possible. 

    • Bus Notes for change of transportation will NOT be allowed unless an extreme emergency exists. This is for health and safety reasons. Principals will have the final authority on this decision.


    *Updated 9/7/21