Parent Information Guide

Parent Information
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  • REACH MS Family Connections
    Community of Practice (CoP)
    It is our mission to empower family members and friends to be actively engaged with schools and districts in improving education for all students!
    Families play an important part in their child's education and social development. When families are meaningfully involved in educational activities, their children do better in school. The participation of parents and family members in schools not only provides additional academic support but also creates community and cultural connections. 
    In January we will begin offering family members in our Multi-Initiative Cohort (that’s you!) the opportunity to join “Family Connections”, a Community of Practice (CoP) specific to the initiatives taking place in our selected schools and districts. In these monthly half-hour to one-hour online meetings, we will share information that will educate and support families in ways that will have a positive impact on both student achievement and meaningful family engagement. We need your help building this community and would very much like you to participate!
    I’ve attached our CoP expectations to give you a better idea of how we will be working together but there will be more information coming your way as we get closer to our kick-off in January.
    If you are interested in joining our interactive community, please follow the link below to register.