2023-24 New Student Registration

  • MPSD Attendance Zone MapWelcome to Meridian Public School District!

    2023-24 pre-registration is now open for K-12 students who are new to Meridian Public School District and will be five years old before September 1, 2023.

    Before you begin the pre-registration process, please verify that:

    ❏ Your child has never been enrolled in Meridian Public School District

    ❏ Your child will turn five years old prior to September 1, 2023

    ❏ Your physical address is within our attendance zone (see MPSD Attendance Zone Map)

    ❏ You are enrolling your child in kindergarten through 12th grade for the 2023-24 school year

    *If your child is currently enrolled in the MPSD pre-kindergarten program or has been enrolled in our district before, you will register your child as a returning student.

    Pre-Registration and Enrollment Process

    The steps below summarize the actions that both you and your child’s school will take to register your child for the 2023-24 school year. See the MPSD Online Enrollment Process for New Students for full instructions.

    Step One: Parent Completes Pre-Registration Form

    ❏ Complete the pre-registration form by selecting the following link: Pre-Registration Form.

    ❏ You will receive an email from powerschool@mpsdconnect.org confirming that the form was received. If you do not receive the email confirmation (be sure to check your spam folder), please contact us at powerschool@mpsdconnect.org.

    Step Two: School Office Reviews Pre-Registration Form

    ❏ We will review the Pre-Registration Form and contact you with any questions, if needed.

    ❏ You will receive another email from powerschool@mpsdconnect.org stating that your Pre-Registration Form was approved or rejected. If approved, continue on to Step Three.

    Step Three: Parent/Guardian Creates/Edits PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

    To complete registration for your child, you must have a MPSD PowerSchool account for parents, oftentimes referred to as the “Parent Portal.” Through this account, you will be able to complete the necessary forms and upload supporting documentation. You can return to the process at any time; it does not need to be completed in one sitting.

    Once your child’s Pre-Registration Form has been approved by the school office, you will receive an email from Meridian Public School District (powerschool@mpsdconnect.org) with instructions to create/edit your PowerSchool Parent Portal account (Part A) along with your child’s unique Access ID and Access Password for doing so. The email will also provide instructions on how to complete the registration forms (Part B). When your account is created, you will receive an email with a link to verify your account. Select the link in the email or visit mpsd.powerschool.com, and enter the username and password you chose for your parent account to log in to the portal.

    Step Four: Parent/Guardian Completes Online Registration Forms and Uploads Required Documentation

    Please review the following documents before you begin completing the registration forms.

    Log in to your MPSD PowerSchool Parent Portal account at mpsd.powerschool.com and select the "Forms" icon on the left. Complete the online enrollment forms, upload the required documentation, and review the important district documents.

    Step Five: School Staff Reviews Forms and Documentation

    When you have submitted all forms and uploaded the required documentation, school staff will review the New Student Registration forms, review/verify required documents (Birth Verification with Proof of Age, Health Documents, Proof of Residence, etc.) and will reach out to the guardian/parent if there are any questions and/or if additional information is needed.