Counseling and Guidance


    The Meridian High School Guidance and Counseling Program seeks to provide the full range of counseling services necessary to ensure that each student has the strongest support possible for maximum growth on an educational and personal level.

    Our program adheres to both the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the MHS Guidance and Counseling Program. The Standards are based on providing success through activities designed to ensure students' academic, career, and personal/social development.

    The Meridian High School Guidance and Counseling Program's ultimate goal is to help students focus on academic, personal/social and career development so they not only achieve success in school, but are also prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible and productive members of society.

    Meridian High School offers a full range of counseling and social work services including:

    Personal Counseling:
    Focusing on issues such as peer relationships, stress management, depression, transition to high school, family communication.

    Academic Counseling:
    Meeting graduation requirements, credits, assessing student performance/needs, study skills, and strategie planning for optimal learning, tutor referral, consultation with teachers and parents, referral for testing.

    College and Career Guidance:
    Career and college exploration, writes recommendation letters, coordinates college applications, liaison with college representatives, financial aid, interest surveys, resume writing, interviewing techniques.

    Crisis Intervention

    Community Liaison:
    Consultation and referral to health and psychological practitioners.

    Group Counseling:
    On an as-needed basis for a variety of issues including conflict resolution, mediation, violence prevention, social skills.

    Consultation with teachers, administrators, and parents:
    Coordinates meetings to evaluate student's progress in academics.

    Student Education Programs:
    Organizes programs for students such as Career Days, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Social and Health Education, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Peer Relationships, Self-esteem, Sensitivity/diversity training.

    Assists students with registration for ACT/SAT, organize and conduct state subject matter testing.

    Parent Involvement:
    Open house, parent/teacher conferences, parental informational programs.

    Scheduling Classes and Student Schedules:
    Every effort is made to place each student in appropriate classes. As needed, schedules are reworked to best suit the needs and goals of each student.meeting graduation requirements, credits, assessing student performance/needs, study skills, and strategic planning for optimal learning, tutor referral, consultation with teachers and parents, referral for testing.

    Social Worker Services:
    Assessment, crisis intervention, home visits, conflict resolution, individual and group counseling, consultation, program development, and coordination of school and community services.

    Statement of Confidentiality 
    Counselors are professionally and ethically obligated to keep what you say confidential. They may seek input from other counselors in order to improve the quality of your service, but no information about your counseling will be released to or discussed with anyone outside the Counselor's Corner without your explicit, written permission.

    There are just a few exceptions that you need to know about:

    1. When there is a clear and present danger that someone's life is at risk.
    2. In the case of apparent abuse of a minor.
    3. By court order.

    Counselor Assignments and Appointments
    Ninth grade students are served by the ninth grade counselors. Students in grades 10-12 are assigned by grade level to a particular counselor who will work with them throughout their high school years. However, a student may see any counselor for personal counseling. Students attending courses at Ross Collins are also assigned a Career/Technical Counselor. A College/Career Counselor is available to assist all students and parents with College and/or Career Planning. The MHS Testing Coordinator is available to assist students and parents with state subject area testing information. A social worker is also available to work with students and parents on issues within the home, school and community. 

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