Registration Requirements

  • Items required for registration:

    • Parents or guardians photo identification
    • District Data Card - Provided at the local school site
    • State Certified Birth Certificate (must be original) - A copy for student’s birth certificate will be made.
    • Student’s Social Security Card - A copy will be made for student’s records (optional).
    • Immunization listed by the State Department of Health

    Two (2) of the items numbered below as verification of address: A document with a post office box as an address will not be accepted.

    • Filed Homestead Exemption Application Form
    • Mortgage Documents or Property Deed
    • Apartment or Home Lease / Rental Agreement
    • Current Utility Bill (dated within thirty days of enrollment).
    • (Acceptable bills: electricity, gas, water bill)
    • Current Driver’s license or Voter identification
    • Automobile registration