• Mission Statement

    The Meridian Public School District offers uniquely qualitatively different educational experiences to gifted students that are not available in the regular classroom.   The specific needs of gifted students are met through collaborating and flexible grouping of like-minded peers.   These uniquely different programs are required to enable gifted students to realize their abilities and potential contributions to self and society. (Regulations for the Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi, 2013)



    Meridian Public School District’s Gifted Education Program (GEP) believes gifted learners are identifiable within all ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic groups.   Our GEP provides differentiated learning outcomes for all gifted students, recognizes individual strengths and needs, and prepares them to compete in a global community.    


    GEP Goals and Objectives


    1. Involve parent and community in the gifted classroom.

              Provide an opportunity for parents to share their expertise in the classroom. 

              Provide an opportunity for community members to share their expertise.  

    1. Communicate with parents in multiple ways.

               Utilize surveys and questionnaires.

               Produce quarterly newsletters through multiple modes.



    1. Provide and receive professional development specific to address the needs of the gifted learner.

              Provide professional development to regular classroom at least two times during the school year.  

              Attend professional development to meet the needs of the gifted learner.   

           2. Communicate expectations with the regular education teachers.

              Provide a quarterly newsletter to regular education teachers.

              Share the gifted referral process and gifted characteristics during school professional development.

           3. Facilitate self-directed learning of the gifted learner.

              Utilize a variety of student inventories.

              Utilize graphic organizer.


    1. Provide students with real world experiences.

              Utilize field trips, simulations, competitions, or guest speakers.

              Explore a variety of careers.

    1. Tailor units around the student’s interests and strengths.

              Incorporate student inventories into lesson planning.

              Encourage students to use self-directed learning.

    MPSD Gifted Teachers 

    Gifted Education Contact Person: Lynn Bryan 

    Northwest Middle School and West Hills Elementary 



    Felix Hall

    Carver, Crestwood, and Oakland Heights



    Bonnie Opel

    Magnolia Middle School and Parkview Elementary



    Morgan Bailey

    Poplar Springs Elementary



    Carolyn Hendricks

    Poplar Springs and T. J. Harris Elementary



    Nancy Walton

    Poplar Springs Elemetnary