School Attendance

  • Did you know that Mississippi passed a new attendance law?

    House Bill 1530 states that if a compulsory-school-age child has an
    absence that is more than thirty-seven percent (37%) of the instructional
    day the child must be considered absent the entire school day.
    *The instructional day does not include lunch or time between classes.

    How does this affect my child?
    If your child arrives to school AFTER 10:10 or leaves school BEFORE
    12:50 he/she could be considered absent for the entire school day.

    What if my child has a doctor’s appointment?
    We ask that appointments be made early morning or late afternoon to
    minimize your child missing important classroom instruction. We
    understand that this is not always an option.

    Why am I receiving a letter from the State Attendance Officers?
    State law requires an Official Notice of Unexcused Absence to be filed
    with the School Attendance Officer after five (5) unexcused absences or
    if a student reaches 12 unexcused absences, the parents are subject to
    prosecution according to state law.

    •This could happen if your child is late or leaving early without a valid excuse.

    Click for more information on House Bill 1530,
    For more information on MPSD’s attendance policy or what constitutes
    a valid excuse, visit and click Student
    Information then Code of Conduct.
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