MPSD Bookbag Policy

  • Section: J   Students
    Policy Code: JCDBB   School Bookbags


    This school district is committed to providing a safe environment wherein students can learn and teachers can provide focused instruction. A safe learning climate supports high academic achievement and fosters the best in students and staff. To promote safe schools through the district, the school board has adopted the following policy on school bags:

    Effective with the 2022-2023 school year, all school bags (including bookbags, backpacks, satchels, etc.) must be constructed of a clear plastic or mesh material so that their contents are clearly visible. Students in elementary (PreKinder through fifth grades) will use clear plastic. Students in middle and high school (6th through 12th grade) will use mesh bookbags. Female students will be allowed to also carry one small cosmetic bag no larger than 6”x5” inside their bookbag. Only school bags meeting this standard will be allowed in school buildings and on school grounds.

    Admission to school shall not be denied to a student because of noncompliance with this policy; however, the student will be counseled so that the cause/s of noncompliance can be determined and resolved.

    This policy is part of the district’s overall effort to prevent school violence and to provide safe schools for our students, staff and community.

    The Mississippi Public School Accountability Standard for this policy is standard 31.

     LEGAL REF:         MS CODE as cited

                                    Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards

    CROSS REF:         Policies JCBH – Gun Free Schools

                                                    JCDA – School Searches