MPSD Fast Facts

  • The Meridian Public School District covers over 92 acres and serves students in over 440 classrooms across 11 campuses. These numbers, percentages, and estimates are a mid-fall snapshot of fluid demographics. They are updated soon after Oct. 1 each school year.

    • 4,930 students
    • 1,000 employees
    • 11 campuses
      • 6 Elementary Schools
      • 3 Middle Schools
      • 1 High School
      • 1 Career and Technical Center

    Student Population

    • Grades PK-5: 2,535
    • Grades 6-8: 1,207
    • Grades 9-12: 1,193
    • Total students enrolled: 4,930

     District Diversity

    • African American: 90%
    • Caucasian: 7% 
    • Hispanic: 2.5%
    • Asian: .6%
    • Native American: .06%
    • Pacific Islander: .04%
  • 2021-22 Goals

    1. All schools will provide high-quality instruction that prepares all students for college and career readiness while achieving a successful or higher rating.
    2. All schools will maintain safe, attractive, and healthy learning environments.
    3. All schools will recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff.
    4. All schools will create strong relationships with parents and the community.
    5. All schools will maintain a sound financial balance.

    MPSD Mission

    The mission of the Meridian Public School District is to develop excellence in each student in a safe, innovative learning environment supported by teachers, parents, and the community.

    MPSD Vision

    MPSD prepares all students in a parent and community partnership, to be literate self-directed learners with the confidence and character to compete in a complex and ever-changing world.

    Core Values

    The Meridian Public School District strives to:

    • Maintain safe and orderly environments that model respect, integrity, and accountability
    • Relentlessly pursue reading and math literacy to enhance academic excellence
    • Use college and career standards to guide inquiry into innovative learning and teaching
    • Foster citizenship and promote strong moral values through quality educational programs
    • Actively create learner-centered classrooms that foster ownership of student learning
    • Empower families to join their students in goal-setting and reviewing progress toward their goals

     Core Beliefs

    We believe as MPSD leaders and teachers that:

    • Each student sets goals, monitors his/her progress, and makes adjustments to achieve academic and life goals
    • Each student will learn what is important to know and do under the appropriate instructional conditions to be successful
    • Teachers motivate through high expectations and positive caring relationships by knowing each student deeply, and sharing relevant life experiences
    • Teachers, as active collaborators, continuously monitor the impact of their teaching on student learning using assessment data
    • Teachers and leaders work together to protect and use instructional time wisely, using data as the guide for student learning and achievement
    • Parents are partners in ensuring daily student attendance and active participation in student goal setting and monitoring of student progress
  • Strategic Plan

    In 2017, with a mission of developing excellence in each student in a safe, innovative learning environment, the Meridian Public School District developed a strategic plan to shape our district over the three years. This plan will serve as a roadmap for how we create an environment where learners become leaders. The strategic plan outlines goals and strategies to prepare our students to reach their full potential.


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