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2018 District Reading Fair Winners Announced

Students in grades K-8 competed in the Meridian Public School District Reading Fair on Thursday, November 15, 2018. The event was held at the Velma Young Center.


Division A

First Place: Elijah Parker-Oakland Heights

Second Place: Amaria Kennedy-Crestwood

Third Place: Jordan Hawkins-Harris Lower

Division B

First Place: Kira Nickey-Crestwood

Second Place: Lily Ward-Poplar Springs

Third Place: Zamaria Thompson-Oakland Heights

Division C

First Place: Kadyn McSwain-Poplar Springs

Second Place: Makiya Kelly-West Hills

Third Place: Leteica Gutierrez- Crestwood

Division D

First Place: Caden Allen-TJ Harris Upper

Second Place: Karley Minella-Oakland Heights

Third Place: Jaslene Robinson- West Hills

Division E

First Place: Kailey George- Northwest

Second Place: Delinda Young-Magnolia

Third Place: Isaiah Scott-Carver

Division G

First Place: Mahaly Graham-Crestwood

Second Place: Jamius Whitted-Oakland Heights

Third Place: Kimonte Watson- TJ Harris Upper

Division H

First Place: Elijah Brown-Magnolia

Second Place: Azya Gardner-Carver

Third Place: Luis Perez-Northwest

Division J

First Place: Kris’Idja Jackson, Idjavion Jackson, Shyderiun Hearn, Jason Windom

Second Place: Jartavious Donald- West Hills

Third Place: Anthony Zurita-Lorenzo, Julio Garcia, and Eshaq Mozip

Division K

First Place: Haley Jenkins, Taylor Smith, & Shanya Davis- Northwest

Second Place: India Crosby and Kayleana Curlin- Magnolia