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Students enjoy performing during “Music In Our Schools Month Concert”

Students from all six of the Meridian Public School District’s elementary schools performed on stage during the “Music In Our Schools Month” concert on March 5, 2019 at the MHS Auditorium.

The Music In Our Schools concert was an opportunity for students in the six elementary school to join together and celebrate the art of music during March which is designated as Music In Our Schools month.  Approximately 102 elementary students with their 6 music teachers and the music staff from MHS worked together to prepare six songs for the concert.

“For them to see that there are other students across the district who love music and love to sing as much as they do is priceless,” said Michelle Cook, Parkview Elementary Music Specialist.  “Their faces and expressions while they were singing is what makes our job as music educators easy.”

Students spent the last several weeks learning and practicing the music with their school music teacher. The entire group worked together for the first time the day of the concert to perfect the music for the performance.  In addition to music skills learned, students learned collaboration through working with the larger group and flexibility as they followed a different conductor leading each song.

“The Music Specialists within the MPSD recognize this as a rich learning opportunity for their students,” said Clair Huff, MPSD District Arts Coordinator. “They coordinated the entire rehearsal held during the afternoon as well as the concert. We appreciate the dedication and teamwork of the MPSD Music Specialists. “

I had one student from another school tell me that “Why We Sing” was their favorite song, said Cook. “They were extremely proud of themselves, as they should be.  We as the MPSD Elementary Music Specialists are so very proud of their hard work in presenting an outstanding concert!”