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Seven MPSD educators awarded JA of Meridian Mini-Grants

Congratulations to the seven Meridian Public School District educators who were awarded grants on Monday, November 16, 2020, by the Junior Auxiliary of Meridian during their annual Mini-Grant presentation. Winners were awarded almost $5,000 total! Thank you so much to JA of Meridian for giving back to MPSD! Below is a list of winners from MPSD!

Thominque Daniels - Crestwood Elementary

Thomonique Daniels – Crestwood Elementary - $996.99

Playing is Learning

The goal of this grant is to expand classroom center activities that allow students to engage in meaningful, purposeful play while developing and practicing language skills. The dramatic play center encourages students to participate in social, language, and cooperative play skills; while the block center encourages problem-solving, imagination, mathematics, and motor abilities.

Carla Fleming – Marion Park - $713.96

Imagination Play-Stations

The purpose of this grant is to give students at Marion Park an outdoor play area. Currently, the school lacks outdoor equipment that is useable by kindergarten to second grade. These outdoor play stations will allow students to expand their creativity and imaginations outside of the classroom by playing and pretending. 

Marion Park's Carla Flemming

Kelly McVay: T.J. Harris Lower Elementary - $438.43

Title of Proposal: Activity Trail

Ms. McVay is taking learning outdoors with her Activity Trail. The activity trail will be made of concrete blocks with letters and numbers, students will be able to hop on the trail while reciting letter sounds and number correspondence. This outdoor trail will give more students access to the outdoor learning process, while also tapping into those that learn kinesthetically. It will also provide an opportunity to redirect active learners and harness their energy in a positive way. 

Mrs Kelly McVay and Mrs Ashley Reed. Both from TJ Harris Lower Elementary

Ashley Reed – TJ Harris Lower Elementary - $1000

Utilizing Blended Learning for Equitable Opportunities in Exceptional Education

The main focus of the grant is to use technology to provide a virtual world of teaching and learning. These funds will allow the utilization of tablets in grades kindergarten and first grade to guide their skill set for 21st-century learning. It is critical that these students have access to technology to support independence, decrease anxiety, enhance communication, and improve academic skills. 

Angela Rogers teaches at Oakland Heights Elementary School - $300 

Journey through Creative and Narrative Nonfiction Text

Her focus is on Reading and Speaking. She will engage her students through nonfiction text using activities such as craft and narrative plays. This will enhance learning through speaking, reading, and social-emotional skills to bring life to historical figures and events.

Oakland Height's Angela Rogers

Dorothy Rigdon: Poplar Springs Elementary - $522.44

Title of Proposal: Art Smart 

Ms. Ridgon stated in her proposal, “when students are given the opportunity to be creative while they are learning, research says that the long term retention of what they are learning is greatly improved when learning through the arts.” She will teach her students about the artist Georgia O’Keefe, an amazing female artist, and foster conversations about the mood of her prints and how they are displayed through color and lines. She believes art increases student engagement and motivation as they become active participants in the learning process. We are thrilled to help support the arts and Ms. Rigdon. 

JA Grant winners from PSE.

 Nancy Walton teaches at Poplar Springs Elementary - $900 

Think OUTSIDE to Break INTO the Box

This project focuses on thinking skills and affective (social/emotional) skills.  She will provide intrinsic motivation for student learning and achievement via a learning tool that enables learners to achieve problem-solving and team building.  Students will gain skills in communication, collaboration, cooperation, and creative problem solving while also gaining knowledge from a wide variety of subject areas from math, science, the arts, social students, and reading comprehension.