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MPSD schools recognized for work in PBIS

Congratulations to the following schools for receiving PBIS recognition and incentives for their work regarding PBIS this year!

Erika Anderson, Behavior Counselor/PBIS Coordinator for TJ Harris Lower

TJ Harris Lower is being recognized in the SEEDS Publication through REACH-MS for Erika's submission of PBIS activities on their campus. Along with being published, they will receive $250 to be used for incentives! 

Sara Smith, PBIS Coordinator/Behavior/Academic Counselor at Marion Park

Sara Smith and Marion Park have been notified that they have 3 submissions that have been accepted for publication in SEEDS through REACH-MS. They are also receiving $750 for incentives.

Pam Williams, PBIS Coordinator/Behavior Counselor at Crestwood Elementary School

Ms. Williams is being published in the PBIS magazine SEEDS through REACH-MS for her submission. Crestwood is also receiving $250 for student incentives!

Demetrius Clay, PBIS Coordinator/Behavior Counselor at Magnolia Middle School

Mr. Clay is also going to have his submission published in SEEDS through REACH-MS. His submission is receiving $250 to be used for student incentives!

Rustavio Williams, PBIS Coordinator/Behavior Counselor at Oakland Heights Elementary.

Mr. Williams and The Oakies are being recognized by REACH-MS in their magazine SEEDS for their PBIS submission. They will also receive $250 for student incentives.

Mechelle Alexander, Behavior Counselor at Parkview

Ms. Alexander has had a submission accepted to the PBIS publication called SEEDS. Her submission has earned Parkview $250 to use towards student incentives. 

Way to go everyone!