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MHS Counselors help Freshman begin with end in mind

"Beginning With the End in Mind," MHS Freshman Academy Counselors, Mrs. Regina Wheaton, and Mrs. Holli Cobb are helping ninth-grade students begin their journey as the Class of 2025. Each student has a one-on-one session with their counselor to do a transcript review and a graduation credit check. This is one step of many our MHS Wildcat Freshmen will experience as they make their journey to graduation.

Student thoughts on meeting with their counselor:

"It is important to talk to my counselor about my credits and progress, so I can improve myself and be better prepared for college,” said Ethan Wright, MHS Ninth-grader.

"I feel like it is important to know how many credits I receive each year, so I will know where I stand for graduation,” said Kameron Walker, MHS Ninth-grader.