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Marion Park mural is all about choices

Marion Park students work on a mural.Students at Marion Park have found a creative outlet and the arts call for teamwork while working on a mural at the school.

The project came about due to a conversation between District Arts Coordinator Tracy Scott and Marion Park Director Theresa Chisolm. Working with local artists from the Meridian Museum Art Collective and a mural committee, the design is based on a quote chosen by Mrs. Chisolm.

“So, we came together with a quote that Mrs. Chisolm likes, ‘Life is about choices and the choices you make, you make,’” said Marsha Iverson, Meridian Museum Art Collective, former MPSD Art Teacher. “The group that has been over here and we’ve pulled from various classes have learned about cooperation, we’ve talked about choices as we’ve painted. Not only about choices you make in life, but the choices of color, so you’ve got a little art put along the way.”

The students and local artists have been working on the mural for the past three weeks.

“It gives them the opportunity. They are normally sitting in the classroom, working individually on computer-based stuff, so they don’t get a lot of interaction,” said Lori Gatlin, Marion Park CATT Teacher. “I’ve seen kind of personalities blossom, it’s given me an opportunity to see those sides of the kids and I always feel like the arts help with that.”

The project is a part of in service between the Meridian Museum of Art and Any Given Child Meridian. Any Given Child Meridian bought the supplies and the volunteers from the museum graciously volunteered their time.

When asked about the mural, one student had this to say.

“It’s like a statement… like telling someone to make good choices or think about your choices,” said Lashanti Hayes, 12th grader.