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Celebrating Marion Park at 100

Photo of Marion Park

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | Meridian, MS

The staff of Marion Park welcomed community members to campus on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, for the 100-year celebration.

During the celebration, guests looked through old memorabilia and artifacts representing the school’s history.

Marion Park Celebration“We decided in January that we should do something more than just say it happened,” said Jacob Mars, Marion Park 6th-8th Grade Science Teacher. “We scoured the school and found a lot of really great things — yearbooks and all sorts of scrapbooks, especially from the PTA.”

Marion Park, which opened in 1924, is part of the National Register of Historical Places honoring the historical value of the Poplar Springs District. The school was funded in February 1924 and built by the end of that year. The school began as an elementary school with first-grade through sixth grade and five teachers. 

The school was known for its large breezeway and brick archways surrounding a green space that was frequently used for public events and gatherings. 

After serving as an elementary school for over 60 years, Marion Park was closed in the late 20th century. The school reopened as the district’s alternative school after being used for various purposes for a short time. As the district’s alternative school, Marion Park serves students who struggle in the traditional classroom. 

“We are able to serve these students in a smaller classroom with more targeted instruction where they are to remediate both their academic and social-emotional needs,” said Mars.

The school also offers the Credit Assistance Through Technology (CATT) program on-site. This program is designed to assist students who have fallen at least two years behind in their path to graduation.